The Virtues of Freedom: Selected Essays on Kant

The essays collected in this volume by Paul Guyer, one of the world's foremost Kant scholars, explore Kant's attempt to develop a morality grounded on the intrinsic and unconditional value of the human freedom to set our own ends. When regulated by the principle that the freedom of all is equally valuable, the freedom to set our own ends – what Kant calls "humanity" - becomes what he calls autonomy. These essays explore Kant's strate...

Principles of Posterior Fossa Surgery

  It was a pleasure to review this book, which is very comprehensive in its coverage on the diagnosis, management, and prognosis of diseases of the posterior fossa. This book has described extensively and accurately the anatomical aspects of posterior fossa through skull base and intraoperative images, with apt correlation to the radiological imaging. This correlation enables the reader to understand and remember better the norm...

MRCP Cardiology MCQs

Cardiology is a large and critical branch of internal medicine, and as such covers a vast amount of the knowledge tested in Membership of the Royal Colleges of Physicians (MRCP) exams. This study guide contains 150 multiple choice questions (MCQs), each with various numbers of stem answers. The questions cover a wide range of both cardiology and cardiovascular pharmacology and encompass both basic anatomy and physiology of the heart,...

On the Shape of a Pure O-sequence

A monomial order ideal is a finite collection $X$ of (monic) monomials such that, whenever $M\in X$ and $N$ divides $M$, then $N\in X$. Hence $X$ is a poset, where the partial order is given by divisibility. If all, say $t$, maximal monomials of $X$ have the same degree, then $X$ is pure (of type $t$). A pure $O$-sequence is the vector, $\underline{h}=(h_0=1,h_1,...,h_e)$, counting the monomials of $X$ in each degree. Equivalently, p...

Stochastic Partial Differential Equations: Six Perspectives

The field of Stochastic Partial Differential Equations (SPDEs) is one of the most dynamically developing areas of mathematics. It lies at the cross section of probability, partial differential equations, population biology, and mathematical physics. The field is especially attractive because of its interdisciplinary nature and the enormous richness of current and potential future applications. This volume is a collection of six impor...

Warenwirtschaft Training - Training und Kompaktwissen in einem Band

"Dieses Trainingsbuch führt Sie systematisch durch Ihre Lexware Software und zeigt Ihnen Schritt für Schritt, wie Sie Ihre Warenwirtschaft effizient und professionell führen. Für Lexware warenwirtschaft pro/premium. Arbeiten Sie jetzt mit Ihrer Lexware Software warenwirtschaft/ pro/ premium noch effizienter und finden dank diesem Buch zusätzlich viele nützliche Hilfestellungen. Durch das Trainingsbuch, welches perfekt auf die Inhalte...

Scotland's Global Empire

Written over five years, this engrossing and enlightening book stretches to over a quarter of a million words and is a fast paced read as it races through the exploits and achievements of an astonishing gallery of the Scots who make up this Scottish Empire. Although household names such as Andrew Carnegie, Alexander Graham Bell, John Logie Baird and Charles Rennie Mackintosh are mentioned to underpin the strength and breadth of the E...

Le temps des sauvages

Martine Laverdure, caissière, était trop lente. L’entreprise l’a liquidée. Elle est morte. Ses fils lui rendront justice, même si la vie les avait distanciés d’elle. Blanc, Brun, Gris et Noir, quatre jeunes loups d’une extrême sauvagerie, surentraînés et prêts à tout pour se faire une place au soleil, se mettent en quête de punir le ou les responsables de sa mort. L’affrontement entre la grande distribution et les loups solitaires es...

Die Erotik in der Photographie

So heißt es im Vorwort dieses gesuchten Standardwerkes, das nun als originalgetreue Reprintausgabe vorliegt. Der Band bietet eine Fülle an künstlerischen Photographien und vielerlei Informationen zum Thema Aktphotographie im Text. Eine Pflichtlektüre für jeden an der Aktphotographie Interessierten! Aus dem Inhalt: Die Anfänge der erotischen Photographie; Die Wandlungen der Aktphotographie und des erotischen Lichtbildes im Laufe der Z...

The Origins of International Investment Law

International investment law is a complex and dynamic field. Yet, the implications of its history are under explored. Kate Miles examines the historical evolution of international investment law, assessing its origins in the commercial and political expansionism of dominant states during the seventeenth to early twentieth centuries and the continued resonance of those origins within modern foreign investment protection law. In partic...